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Segcorr Ltd are specialists in cathodic protection and corrosion management.

We provide specialist services for investigating, identifying and managing corrosion related deterioration of critical metallic and reinforced concrete infrastructure.


At our core, we believe that we have a responsibility to manage our infrastructure in a sustainable way, which means:

  • making what we have last, as long as possible

  • using less of our non-renewable resources (iron ore, limestone, coal, etc)

  • been able to recover and recycle as much of our structures at end of life


Adopting corrosion management technology into your infrastructure can help you to make it last, use less and recycle, which all support a sustainable future.


Our experienced and qualified corrosion staff are available to work with you, to develop sustainable, whole life and life extension solutions for your infrastructure.


Responsible for operation and management of strategic infrastructure and want to make a change to a more sustainable future? Get in touch.


Our staff are professional members of the Institute of Corrosion, are certificated to BS EN ISO 15257 and National Association of Corrosion Engineers NACE.

John Paul Segers

FICorr, CEng, MIMMM, MSc

BS EN ISO15257 Level 4 CPL4/O/M/R/I/530016

NACE Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Specialist #10079


An independent corrosion and cathodic protection consultant and director of SegCorr Ltd.


A Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Corrosion with 25 years of industrial corrosion control and cathodic protection experience. Certificated to BS EN 15257 Level 4 Cathodic Protection specialist for all application sectors, NACE Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Specialist, and holds a Master’s degree in Corrosion Control Engineering.
He has worked in the UK, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East, providing specialist technical expertise into deterioration mechanisms, failure investigation, corrosion prevention, corrosion control and mitigation, infrastructure life extension design, and whole life planning

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