SEGCORR LTD are experienced in the development of whole life and life extension designs which offer superior whole life cost for critical reinforced concrete and metallic infrastructure.

Our whole life skills include the selection, design and specification of corrosion management solutions based on galvanic and impressed current CP, protective coatings and material selection.

Our life extensions skills include condition assessment, identification of the deterioration mechanisms and development of rehabilitation techniques, which include detailed galvanic and impressed current CP design and specification, protective coatings and concrete repair guidance.


Selection and Assessment Services

  • Environmental and process deterioration classification

  • Material classification and failure mechanism assessment

  • Fabrication design consideration for coating and corrosion mitigation

  • In-services accessibility for asset integrity inspection and assessment  

  • Operation, maintenance and failure impact evaluation

  • Corrosion philosophy

  • Corrosion risk classification and mitigation options

  • Preliminary corrosion and CP designs, feasibility studies

  • FEED

  • Whole life cost analysis

  • Environmental and Sustainable considerations

  • Smart infrastructure design, based on semi or fully automated corrosion monitoring and corrosion prevention systems

Design and Specification Services

  • Detailed impressed current cathodic protection design

  • Detailed galvanic cathodic protection design

  • Detailed material and installation design specification

  • Preliminary or concept design with design and build performance specification

  • Third party corrosion management and cathodic protection design review and audit

  • Tender evaluation scoring and assessment support

  • Design and build documentation review, audit and approval

  • Review, audit and approval of materials data sheets, installation tools, installation and testing procedures, risk assessments and method statements

  • Smart infrastructure design and specification for remote monitoring and control of corrosion monitoring and corrosion prevention systems