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Operation & Monitoring

Cathodic Protection Monitoring 

Our team has experience in monitoring cathodic protection on the following types of structures:

  • Reinforced concrete structures including bridges, ports/harbors marinas, desalination and seawater cooling facilities, and earth retaining structures

  • Submerged metallic structures including foundations, ports/harbors and marinas, desalination and seawater cooling facilities, tunnels, earth retaining structures, pipelines, tanks, pumps, seawater intake, and screening equipment    

  • Buried metallic structures including foundations, pipelines, tanks, tunnels and earth retaining structures


Specialist Corrosion Monitoring 

In addition to operation and management of traditional CP systems we have experience with the following:

  • Managing Smart infrastructure using fully and semi-automated impressed current cathodic protection systems and corrosion monitoring systems  

  • DC Interaction assessment prior to and following implementation of control measures to demonstrate due diligence and risk management

  • AC voltage and current density measurement on buried pipelines fitted with AC mitigation equipment

  • Fault finding, facilitating replacement or renewal of faulty or obsolete equipment

DC Stray current monitoring of reinforced concrete abutment
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