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Project Experience

SegCorr has worked in the UK, Africa, Middle East and the Far East providing specialist technical expertise on deterioration mechanisms, failure investigation, corrosion prevention, corrosion control and mitigation, infrastructure life extensions and whole life planning.

Project Example 1

Prototype Hydro-Electric Wave Generation Unit

Services provided

  • Developed the overall corrosion management philosophy for a 20-year operational design life

  • Detailed galvanic cathodic protection design for a 20-year design life in accordance with DNV-RP-B401

  • Assessment and impact study of hydrogen cracking risk from applied CP to the super duplex stainless steels components

  • Review of the specification of the protective coating for long term corrosion protection  

Project Example 2

New water development consisting of 55 new water wells, 80km of DI well field pipe, and circa 400km of steel conveyance pipeline

Services provided

  • Corrosion management design review and approval including temporary galvanic and permanent impressed current cathodic protection, pipeline protective coatings, and well material selection

  • Production audits and factory inspections for protective pipeline coatings, stainless steel well screens, and riser pipes

  • Site audits for pipeline coatings at field joints, cathodic protection trials, installation, and stray current assessment

Project example 4

Bridge rehabilitation and life extension

Services provided

  • Developed the initial life extension concept based on cathodic protection for all atmospheric and buried reinforced concrete elements

  • Detailed impressed current cathodic protection design for the 50-year life extension of the existing reinforced concrete bridge piers

  • The design was undertaken in accordance with the BS EN 12696 Cathodic Protection of Steel in Concrete and the HA Design Manual Volume 3 Section 3 Repair Part 3 BA 83/02 Cathodic Protection for Use in Reinforced Concrete Highway Structures

  • A departure from standard was also produced as per the Highways Agency requirements

  • Completed the technical tender evaluation and scoring matrix used for contractor appointment

  • Provided all material and installation procedure approval, witnessing and approval of site trials for sprayed concrete repairs, anode mesh fixing and sprayed concrete encapsulation, and providing overall installation supervision and auditing during the system installation

  • Provided production audit and factory inspections of the power supply and control equipment

  • Responsible for system commissioning audit, handover acceptance, and system operation and monitoring

Project Example 3

Port Rehabilitation and life extension  

Services provided

  • Developed the initial life extension concept based on cathodic protection for all atmospheric exposed reinforced concrete and all immersed reinforced concrete and steel elements

  • Produced a detailed defect assessment specification and tender package for existing reinforced concrete and steel elements

  • Assistant engineers during the condition assessment and rehabilitation investigation

  • Developed detailed corrosion management design and build project specification and works scope

  • Performed technical compliance review of tender submissions during the tender selection process

  • Evaluation and approval of the detailed cathodic protection designs for atmospheric steel in concrete and immersed steel and reinforced concrete elements

  • Site audit and quality assurance during the construction phase

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