Rehabilitation and Life Extension of Old Structures 

Assessment, Feasibility, and Guidance  


  • Preliminary investigation specification and guidance

  • Deterioration classification and failure mechanism assessment

  • Feasibility studies, rehabilitation options, and costing comparison

  • Detailed life extension design

  • Concrete repair guidance

  • Cathodic protection design

  • Coatings and replacement material guidance

  • Other electrochemical rehabilitation technique guidance

Half-cell potential map of bridge abutment.png

Design and Specification Services

Impressed current cathodic protection of steel in concrete mesh and overlay.png


  • Detailed design with material and installation specification

  • A preliminary design with design and build performance specification

  • Third-party life extension design review and audit

  • Tender evaluation, scoring, and support

  • Design and build documentation review, audit, and approval

  • Review, audit, and approval of materials data sheets, installation tools, installation and testing procedures, risk assessments, and method statements

  • Smart infrastructure design and specification for remote monitoring and control of corrosion monitoring and corrosion prevention