Teaching, Mentoring and Knowledge Sharing 

SegCorr offers and provides informative industrial presentations and knowledge sharing through the Structural Concrete Alliance, Institute of Civil Engineers, The Concrete Society and directly for clients.

Our lead member is an Institute of Corrosion and Institute of Mechanical Engineers approved instructor who is responsible for teaching and delivery the BS EN ISO 15257 Cathodic Protection Marine course.

Our staff provide visiting industrial lecturing services, for the University of Leeds and the University of Birmingham.


Oct-15 Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE) Cathodic protection of highway structures, Peterborough

Feb-19 University of Birmingham Civil Engineering department Year 2 civil engineering students presentation - Steel in industry Engineering perspective Handout

Feb-19 Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE) Ipswich Lunchtime presentation –Sustainable Tools - Introduction to corrosion and cathodic protection  Handout 

Mar-19 The Concrete Society - Birmingham  Evening presentation – Sustainable Tools - Cathodic Protection of Highway Structures Handout 

Assessment, Monitoring and Investigation of Existing Galvanic Anode Corrosion Mitigation Systems for Atmospherically Exposed Reinforced Concrete