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Corrosion and Cathodic Protection - Teaching, Mentoring, and Knowledge Sharing 

SegCorr offers and provides informative online training, industrial presentations, and knowledge sharing through the Structural Concrete Alliance, Institute of Civil Engineers, The Concrete Society, and directly for clients via online taught programs and face-to-face lectures.

John Paul Segers is an Institute of Corrosion, approved instructor who is responsible for teaching and delivering the BS EN ISO 15257 Cathodic Protection Marine Metallic Sector and Cathodic Protection On-Land (Buried) Sector courses.

John Paul Segers provides visiting industrial lecturing services, for the University of Leeds and the University of Birmingham.

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Corrosion Protection of Steel in Concrete

This course covers the corrosion-related deterioration process of steel in concrete, repair options for deteriorating reinforced concrete structures with a specific focus on cathodic protection of steel in concrete.

Who would benefit from this course? 

  • Owners, Engineers, and Operators of reinforced concrete structures

  • Designers, Repair Contractors and Materials suppliers of reinforced concrete structures

  • People who would like to learn about sustainable ways to manage reinforced concrete infrastructure

  • Students, Teachers & Lecturers

Understanding how corrosion works and how to control it, can enable you to:

•    Use, less material

•    Ensure the longest maintenance-free operational life

•    Ensure a higher level of recyclability at the end of service life

•    Ultimately saving money and providing a means of sustainable development and operation.

Course Curriculum  

This course consists of 7 modules and has been structured as follows:

Module 1 – Basic Principles of Corrosion 

Module 2 – Investigation, and Inspection 

Module 3 – Corrosion Protection Options 

Module 4 – Cathodic Protection 

Module 5 – Cathodic Protection Case Studies ICCP 

Module 6 – Galvanic Cathodic Protection Case Studies 

Module 7 – Cathodic Protection Practical Measurement Demonstration 

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